Hong Kong – Mother of Dragons


Author, Photographer and Designer: Henning Wiekhorst

English Text Editor: Penny Crisp, Chinese Text by: Sharon Wong

Publisher: CREATIVE DRAGON WORKS / Hong Kong 2006

ISBN (-10): 988-99195-0-8 / ISBN (-13): 978-988-99195-0-4

Paperback with stitched binding, 118 pages, 157g/sqm Art Print Paper glossy

Bi-lingual: English / Chinese, 300 photographs

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This famous book makes a perfect quality-gift for friends and customers.

As one of the best researched books about Hong Kong and its most famous Dragon Boat Racing, that fascinates people world-wide, this book is the one perfect reading for you, – the sports nut, – the tourist or the person being interested in Chinese culture or the advanced student of Chinese language.

Hong Kong – Mother of Dragons takes you on a fascinating journey through 2.300 years of Chinese tradition and the history of Hong Kong which became the center of Modern Dragon Boating, the world’s fastest and most colorful sport.

The book comes as soft-cover with 118 glossy pages. It is written in both Chinese and English which provides together with 300 stunning photographs a unique reading experience which lets you feel all the action, the passion and the spirit of the sport jumping out from every single page.